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Work-Related Asthma Screening Questionnaire - Long Version (WRASQ(L)™)

Description: The Work-related Asthma Screening Questionnaire – Long Version (WRASQ(L)™) is a work-related screening questionnaire for use in primary care. The WRASQ(L)™ includes several items from the LHF Asthma Care Map, plus additional symptom questions, current and past occupations and exposures, and the use of personal protective equipment. The WRASQ(L)™ is available on AsthmaLife®.

Spirometry Interpretation Guide

Description: An easy-to-use flow-chart to aid providers in interpreting the results of spirometry tests and diagnosing lung disease.

Provider Asthma Assessment Form (PAAF)

Description: The Provider Asthma Assessment Form (PAAF) is a point of care asthma management tool for primary care EMRs. It is adapted from the LHF asthma care map and includes the PRESTINE asthma data elements, asthma performance indicators, and an algorithm to identify severe uncontrolled asthma. To date, it is implemented in OSCAR at the Queen’s Family Health Team.

Modified Asthma Predictive Index (mAPI)

Description: The Modified Asthma Predictive Index is an assessment tool that predicts future atopic asthma in pediatric patients with recurrent wheezing. It is only applicable in young children with four or more episodes of wheezing per year. The mAPI’s predictive ability depends heavily on prevalence of asthma in the general population.

Let's Clear the Air

Description: Let’s Clear the Air is a clinician handout on why lung function testing is essential when suspecting asthma or COPD among patients.

Spirometric Interpretation Algorithm

Description: This tool provides an easy-to-follow diagnostic flow diagram to aid clinicians with spirometric interpretation.

Choosing Wisely Spirometry Campaign Assets

Description: The Choosing Wisely Spirometry Campaign has produced multiple assets or resources or self-management of asthma. It includes a patient pamphlet on asthma, a patient pamphlet on COPD, and informative resources on lung function testing. All tools are available in English and French.

Asthma Flow Sheet (Follow-Up Visit)

Description: The Asthma Flow Sheet (Follow-Up Visit) is an information collection sheet for clinicians at post-diagnosis follow-up visits #2 and #3.

Asthma Flow Sheet (Diagnostic Visit)

Description: The Asthma Flow Sheet (Diagnostic Visit) is a resource developed to support clinicians with their initial assessment and diagnosis of asthma patients. It serves as and information collection sheet.

Asthma Diagnosis and Management Algorithm for Primary Care

Description: The Asthma Diagnosis and Management Algorithm for Primary Care is a tool that provides clinicians with an easy-to-use flow chart to diagnose and manage asthma. It is suitable for all ages.