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Downloadable PDF available here

Description: The Children’s Asthma Action Plan tool is a pediatric asthma self-management tool. The pamphlet asks questions about asthma medication, management, and control so that patients can identify when their asthma may be flaring up and manage their asthma when it gets out of control.

Owner/Author: Asthma Canada
Year: 2022
Patient Population: Pediatric
Format: PDF

Decision Support Guidance

Who might use this tool?

  • Patients
  • Pediatricians
  • Family Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Registered Respiratory Therapists
  • Certified Respiratory Educators

When might they use this tool?

  • During a patient’s visit
  • At least one a year, or more if asthma is not controlled

Why might they use this tool?

  • To create a personalized program for managing asthma
  • To identify when asthma may be flaring up
  • To identify how to manage asthma when it gets out of control

What are important considerations when using this tool?

  • This tool can be downloaded and printed, so patients can take it to their appointment

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