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Downloadable PDF available here

Description: This resource provides usable, practical search algorithms that accurately identify patients with asthma in existing electronic medical records. Clinicians can apply algorithms to generate asthma registries for targeted quality improvement initiatives and outcome measurements.

Owner/Author: Dr. N. Xi and colleagues
Year: 2015
Patient Population: Pediatric, Adult
Format: PDF
Relevant Quality Statement: Quality Improvement Resources

Decision Support Guidance

Who might use this tool?

  • Primary Care Practitioners
  • Administrators who would like to identify patients with asthma in their electronic medical record system (e.g., for care initiatives or quality improvement projects)

When might they use this tool?

  • Can be used at any time, and would typically be run as a query, outside of clinical interactions

Why might they use this tool?

  • To accurately identify patients with asthma within the electronic medical record system

What are important considerations when using this tool?

  • There are options for both very sensitive detection algorithms and very specific detection algorithms, and others that combine sensitivity and specificity as best possible
  • Depending on the indication for usage, one might select between these different detection algorithms

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