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The Electronic Asthma Management System (eAMS)

Description: The eAMS engages patients with asthma to complete a pre-visit questionnaire through a web portal or app and processes this information to give providers guideline-based advice to optimize therapy, personalized to each individual patient, through easy-to-use prompts built into their electronic medical record system. The eAMS also creates a self-management asthma action plan, which patients can access through their app or web portal anytime, anywhere. This empowers patients to self-manage their asthma, improving their symptoms and helping them to avoid asthma flare-ups and urgent healthcare visits.

Pan-Canadian Asthma and COPD Standards (PRESTINE)

Description: The Pan-Canadian Asthma and COPD Standards are an evidence-based set of recommended data elements and standardized data definitions for use in primary care electronic health records/electronic medical records in Canada.

Identifying Patients with Asthma in Primary Care Electronic Medical Record Systems

Description: This resource provides usable, practical search algorithms that accurately identify patients with asthma in existing electronic medical records. Clinicians can apply algorithms to generate asthma registries for targeted quality improvement initiatives and outcome measurements.

Asthma Care Map for Primary Care: Follow-Up Assessment

Description: The Asthma Care Map for Primary Care: Follow-Up Assessment is a guide for a comprehensive assessment of asthma that clinicians can use to guide their follow-up visits with patients.