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Downloadable package to be integrated with EMRs available by requesting a demo

Description: The eAMS engages patients with asthma to complete a pre-visit questionnaire through a web portal or app and processes this information to give providers guideline-based advice to optimize therapy, personalized to each individual patient, through easy-to-use prompts built into their electronic medical record system. The eAMS also creates a self-management asthma action plan, which patients can access through their app or web portal anytime, anywhere. This empowers patients to self-manage their asthma, improving their symptoms and helping them to avoid asthma flare-ups and urgent healthcare visits.

Owner/Author: eHealth Innovation by Evidence at the Point-of-Care (EAPOC)
Patient Population: Adult
Format: EMR integrated software tool

Decision Support Guidance

Who might use this tool?

  • Primary Care Practitioners
  • Family Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Registered Respiratory Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Certified Respiratory Educators

When might they use this tool?

  • Before a clinical visit
  • During a clinical visit
  • After a clinical visit

Why might they use this tool?

  • To measure the patient’s level of asthma control
  • To optimize a patient’s medications according to guidelines
  • To provide patients with a personalized self-management asthma action plan
  • There are over 20 published studies supporting the content of the eAMS and a real world clinical trial demonstrating that it successfully increases assessment of asthma control according to guideline criteria, improves asthma pharmacotherapy in line with guidelines, and increases delivery of asthma action plans

What are important considerations when using this tool?

  • This tool can be integrated with EMR systems such as Oscar and PSS/Telus EMR systems
  • This tool will soon be available in a stand-alone version for all other use cases

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