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Severe Asthma Toolkit

Description: An online educational and practical resource for clinicians caring for people with severe asthma. The toolkit is designed for clinicians in primary and specialist care, in both private and public clinic settings. It covers the following topics: What is severe asthma; Diagnosis and Assessment; Management; Medications; Co-Morbidities; Living with Severe Asthma; Establishing a Clinic; and Paediatrics.

Pediatric Respiratory Assessment Measure (PRAM) for Asthma Exacerbation Severity

Description: The Pediatric Respiratory Assessment Measure is a medical calculator to determine asthma exacerbation severity. It assesses factors such as oxygen saturation, suprasternal retractions, scalene muscle contractions, air entry, and wheezing.

Childhood Asthma Control Test

Description: The Childhood Asthma Control Test was developed for use by parents, caregivers, and patients age 4-11 years. It is a simple, five-question tool that is self-administered. The tool helps determine whether a patient’s treatment plan is working or if it needs to be adjusted.

Asthma Flow Sheet (Diagnostic Visit)

Description: The Asthma Flow Sheet (Diagnostic Visit) is a resource developed to support clinicians with their initial assessment and diagnosis of asthma patients. It serves as and information collection sheet.